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Educational System - Getting Into the Heads of Lilith, Eve, and Mary
One Perspective
Educational System
Today I had my first assignment as a substitute instructional assistant. Having never done this before, I was pretty nervous and unsure of what I was going to do. I realized that special education students are treated as if they are incredibly stupid, which is not the teachers fault. The classroom I was assigned to was 9th grade and their world history textbook had chapters that were 4 pages at most and then two pages with questions that were ridiculously easy. I’m not just saying this because it was so easy to me, but having had friends like this mostly in high school and having spent a lot of time with a boy like this in the past, they’re not stupid for the most part. They work a little slower and take a little longer and get frustrated, but they learn. Now, if you dumb down their work so much, they won’t ever learn anything of substance and won’t be challenged. What is the point of that?

There were students who couldn’t read very well and I wonder how we let these students glide through their grades if they can’t read simple words? The educational system needs more funds so that all students get the proper help that they need to succeed. Teachers need to get through lessons so they can’t stop and help everyone, they need more people and time one on one working with students. Right now, it seems the educational system is preparing these students to have a job at McDonald’s. Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this job, but if we don’t even try to help these students, then there’s something wrong with the system.

The teacher I worked for assigned me to a student who needed a lot of help, but focusing was the real issue with him. He was all over the place, wanting to go out and get a drink every few minutes, or put his books in his locker, or talk about High School Musical or read his High School Musical book. He told me he had no work to do and the teacher was on the phone, finally I found out he had science so we actually got quite a bit done in the 15 minutes we used to do work. I liked this student, he just has some form of learning disability but when we got down to business he was pretty helpful in following through. We also discussed Drake and Josh, the one show we both liked on Nickelodeon and Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends on Cartoon Network.

Right before my day was done I told the teacher it was my first assignment ever. Apparently she couldn’t tell (telling me the quality of these subs!) and said I did an excellent job and said I was really nice in the process.

I have another topic soon, maybe even tonight, about the lady who did my manicure today.

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