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Thoughts on a Long Weekend - Getting Into the Heads of Lilith, Eve, and Mary
One Perspective
Thoughts on a Long Weekend
Walking down the aisle of the hair tie aisle (with the brushes and the combs and the headbands) I found a pony tie that is customized for thick hair. I only bought one pack and it comes in about 12 because they seem really long and slightly more durable than the average size pony tie. Having thick hair can be a drag when it comes to tying it up. Elastic hair ties are constantly breaking if one is not careful in putting the hair up. It just snaps (if a metal holder) or rips, if not a metal holder. So hopefully these will work better. I have not tried them yet and they are still in my car, but I'm hoping they work out and I can return to this product and trust it to work better in my thick nest of hair.

Yesterday I watched L'Albergue Espagnole. It's a movie about a Parisian who moves to Spain for a year to learn spanish and study economics. The actual story is about foreign students studying at the local university and living together. The bonds they form, the cheating they perform, the life that occurs when 6 or 7 strangers live in a flat to afford the high cost. It's very interesting and pretty satisfying, so I recommend it.

I had something else on my mind but now it's gone. Later maybe. Later.

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