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This Isn't Your Mother's Makeup - Getting Into the Heads of Lilith, Eve, and Mary
One Perspective
This Isn't Your Mother's Makeup
So today is IMATS and I'm going with a friend. I saw pursebuzz's pictures of last year's on her website, www.pursebuzz.com and it looked super amazing. I'm wearing a super unmatching and quirky me outfit. A purple Tinkerbell t-shirt with mushrooms on it, of course. A neon yellow skirt with black stripes and green leggings with a diamond pattern. Yup, it doesn't match but I love it. Now I'm just trying to decide what the makeup will be.

There are so many vendors at this thing it is going to rock my socks. I'm not doing any of the classes, we're just hitting the floor and vendors. It's out in Pasadena, and I think I'm driving since it was my idea and I hate driving in LA but, you gotta do what you gotta do for makeup, right?

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