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Getting Into the Heads of Lilith, Eve, and Mary
One Perspective
The Virgin Suicides

I watched this movie when I was about 17 and it was in a house full of running screaming children in a bedroom where drunken men kept walking in and out to use the bathroom. So, I didn’t really hear everything but it interested me. After receiving it as a Christmas gift it was the first book I picked up for reading. All of the details are intense and show the way the narrators of the story try to piece the puzzles of the girls together. The Lisbon girls were a mystery to them and their deaths are still questionable, and they want to try and understand what those girls felt and saw before they took their lives.

Although I am first generation in this country, my parents are very relaxed. I don’t have a very strict environment of which I want to rebel. So, I wouldn’t go out and kill myself or get knocked up to get out of here. In fact, I rather like it. Let’s be honest, I’m unemployed, and I don’t pay rent, I’m okay. My mother though, she lived in an extremely conservative and strict home. She moved to Tijuana probably when she was 11 and then to California when she was 12. She worked in the fields with her parents and hated it, very difficult job. Then she worked in a factory where she met my father. Well, she got pregnant and got to leave the strict home. She was actually18 when she got pregnant, which was older than her other sisters. I know plenty of girls in my family who think pregnancy is the only way out. Perhaps, parents need to rethink their attitudes towards adolescence and relax their rules, look what happened to the Lisbon girls, they killed themselves. And although it was but a novel, it could happen.

Parents should remember what it was like to be a teenager with the raging hormones and the curiosity to try new and different things. If parents learn to trust their children and inform them and keep an open relationship, teens won’t fuck up so much. Teach your children about the hazards of drugs but maybe allow them to try a few things, not anything horribly addictive and dangerous but don’t freak out about pot. Be informative about sex, this nation has a rate far too high in teen pregnancy. Abstinence is great for those that want it, but it’s not the only way. Safe sex is important. Don’t call your daughters sluts for going to bed with boyfriends. Just remember the condom. Even on birth control you’re not safe from STDs, pregnancy isn’t the only thing that can occur from sex…remember that ladies.

Parents, loosen up! Don’t be such pricks…

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My family moved to Irvine when I was almost 11. However, we stayed with the same doctor until I was about 15, I’m not quite sure why. She was located all the way down in San Juan Capistrano and still we went. Even worse, our dentist was located in San Clemente but we’d gone to him since we were children, so we kept him too.

Medicine companies hire representatives to sell their product. A former boss of mine who owns her own business is one of these representatives for an Alzheimer’s medication. She goes down to Downey and meets with doctors in the area and hassles them on the phone selling the perks of this drug and hooking the doctors up with benefits for using this product and prescribing it to patients.

Going back to that family doctor in San Juan Capistrano, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of recent growth in the usage of anti-depressants. Family doctors, who are not really aware of how to effectively treat and deal with depression, are prescribing them to the average teenager. When I was 14 my doctor started bugging me about anti-depressants. It was okay to be a teenager and be depressed. It was okay to be on medication. It was okay to tell my friends that they should be on medication if they were depressed. Prozac was okay. Prozac, take it, use it, and be happy. Don’t suffer. I kept insisting I was not depressed, which I was not at the time. I was a happy camper up until 17 probably. So it annoyed the heck out of me that this doctor would do this.

During high school I wrote for the school paper and I covered an article on anti depressant usage amongst teenagers. As any good school paper, we did extensive research and I interviewed all the correct parties involved and I realized even my doctor in Irvine, who was amazing, was responsible for being unaware of depression treatment and yet still pushing anti deps down teens throats. Is it a problem? Most of the medications won’t do anything to you if there’s nothing wrong--chemically in your brain. Yet, is it right to assume teens are depressed just because of their age or to try and force them to admit they are just because you have a contract with a pharmaceutical company? I think not. Which is why psychologists do not have the ability to medicate drugs and it is left to the psychiatrist who studies medicine.

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I know this is not an important topic but I did got out and watch Dreamgirlz on Tuesday night with some friends and so I'd like to discuss some of the issues that were portrayed.

Let me begin by saying that I highly enjoyed the movie, although I wasn't so sure that I would going into the theatre. Like many musicals, it had plenty of over the top cheestastic moments that I didn't care for much, but the wonderful voice of Jennifer Hudson as Effie overcompensated any of the crappiness this movie offered. Having recently watched a bit of "Rent" with my completely dorky musical theatre sister, I was able to overlook the cheesy break into song at any given point in this movie. Moreso, going into "Dreamgirlz" you know you're getting a musical, so acting like you're shocked at the cheesiness looks bad on your behalf.

Now, Effie was royally screwed over in the movie by both her best friends and her own brother and yes, her lover. What this movie got at, was not so much to me that Effie was being a total diva and difficult to work with, but that sex sells, "hear a bell ring sex sells everything but I don't buy it, so don't try it"--Natalie Imbruglia's song "Don't You Think". Effie, being far too heavy for mainstream America, got pushed out of the leadsinging role of her group. She had the amazingly beautiful voice but Beyonce's character, Deena Jones, was put as the lead singer, having an amazing body and a bland voice for the role. Now, I'm not a Beyonce fan to begin, but she looked lovely as Deena Jones and moved with grace. Her character really pissed me off when she betrayed Effie, but redeemed herself in the end. Moreso, in order to play this beautiful diva, Beyonce had to lose weight. How much? About 20 lbs to become this notion of a "Dreamgirl" and I'm not sure that girls out there will get the picture. It's okay to have whatever weight you're comfortable with, you don't have to be the stick figure in reality. It is harder, see Effie's character, to make it, but in reality, Beyonce is not that stick figure and this is wonderful for mainstream America. So, the movie was just a movie, and did portray reality well. I think it did a fantastic job with the issues at hand.

In conclusion, if the singer you enjoy is not the pop princes with the hot bod, don't worry, she's even more real.

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I just created this journal more or less for myself. Although I have a paid account, I feel like I can't always say what I want in fear of updating too much, so this is where my thoughts on issues will go. Issues with how women treat one another, how we behave, what our drives are, or just mine as I don't necessarily plan on going into pick fact finding escapades.

And with that, I leave to do what a girl does at times, wash the hair dye out of her head as it stings. It's my first time having done "normal" hair dye on my own and I used a brush and I think I got it all. It's difficult, but being "funemployed" I don't have the means to get it done in a salon. Beauty and women, something very important to discuss.

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