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Learning to Knit - Getting Into the Heads of Lilith, Eve, and Mary
One Perspective
Learning to Knit
Being a girl, I sometimes get these notions to do girly things. Such as trying to learn to knit, which is my latest endeavor. I had my first class on Monday at the Irvine Fine Arts Center and there are seven women who showed up. Three of us had never knit and the other four wanted to learn more or to pick up the technique again. I had an extremely difficult time with the first two steps. The casting on wasn't so hard once I realized what it was that I had to do and kept my strings apart so that they wouldn't tangle. The knitting part after that was just so difficult for me to understand. I still haven't gotten it compleltey.

Luckily, the instructor gave us this amazing webiste for help during the week. http://knittinghelp.com and it has all the possible techniques for knitting on video!!! So I have the basic knitting part down, however, it is far too lose and I'm having trouble keeping the cast on loops on one needle while moving the knit part to the other. I'm not very good with my hands, quite clumsy actually, so I can tell it's going to take me hours to get this and then to knit my first project. The first project is knitting a face cloth.

This is supposed to be theraputic, but I find it rather frustrating as I can't seem to get the first simple steps. I'm sure once I've gotten a hang of it, all will be fine. But it's still difficult to understand it all. However, I don't plan on quitting this endeavor, as most people say knitting is easy. I'm sure that's after the initial difficulty in picking up the trade.

Hope this face cloth comes out by next Monday!

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