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Strawberry Fields - Getting Into the Heads of Lilith, Eve, and Mary
One Perspective
Strawberry Fields
Strawberries are delicious. This season is wonderful because we have California grown strawberries, and if you choose the right ones they are sweet and just amazingly good. We also have black berries from Mexico which are both bitter and super sweet and just melt in your mouth really.

I enjoy strawberries with sugar, strawberries with whip cream, and of course plain strawberries, but I do not like chocolate dipped strawberries. Now, I love chocolate like many people (the more cacao the better) and I love strawberries, but the two just don't mix in my mind. Maybe white chocolate moreso than milk or dark, but it still just isn't the way I like to enjoy either my strawberries nor my chocolate. Milk chocolate is just a waste of time as well.

Another thought, when you call someone up and leave a message and then they return it and you let it go for well over a day and almost two from the first call you made, what is the game you are playing? You cannot simply call someone right up again? And also, people please at least leave your name on your voice mail not just your number. I mean honestly, if someone leaves you their number and you call, how do you know they didn't mess up or you heard it wrong or wrote it wrong, because when you call this number, and just hear a number and not a familiar voice or name, you can get confused. So leave your name on your voicemail at the very least.

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